Climb to the crater - about 2 hours. Starting from the end of the shopping street which starts from Porto di Levante. The route climbs to various curves along the mountainside, offers beautiful views of the archipelago: in the foreground the peninsula of Vulcanello, in front of Lipari with left Salina, with a characteristic profile with two mountains, and in the distance Filicudi (particularly on the days clear you can see Alicudi) right Panarea, with its isles, and the background Stromboli. About halfway you meet a compacted red earth, cut with deep regular grooves, and it seems to be landed on Mars. The higher you go, the more the smell of sulfur becomes intense, with clouds of steam. At the top the view is gorgeous: the great chasm of the crater of Fossa, crowned south, by clouds of hot sulphurous vapors that with a whistling sound that seems to come directly from the center of the earth, arise from the broken surface, the rock is stained yellow ocher and red and condense into delicate crystals while, warm. They are so-called fumaroles. Around the crater (ca 30 mm) allows you to discover the southern part of the island and enjoy one of the most beautiful panorama.

The beaches - Two are located in the main center: the black beaches (Porto di Ponente) so called because of the color of volcanic sand, set in a beautiful bay, unfortunately, often very crowded, and the beach of Fumarole and is bathed by waters heated by bubbles of sulphurous steam that can be very hot (be careful, it's easy to get burned). The solitary and quiet beach of Gelso is on the opposite side of the island and can be reached by sea, by bus leaving from the port of Levante (highly restricted zones) or driving the Provincial road Porto Levante to Vulcano Piano and then branches to the Gelso and Capo Grillo.

Excursion to Grotta del Cavallo and Piscina di Venere - boat out from the black beaches. It circumnavigates Vulcanello, the Monster Valley and then the most indented part of the coast to reach this beautiful cave which owes its name to the presence (now just a memory) of seahorses To the left is the pool of Venus, the hot shallow and crystal clear waters where you can take unforgettable baths (those who want to spend a few hours can leave you with one of the first tours - which take place frequently enough during the day - and come back with one of the last: the fisherman).

I fanghi (the sludge)  - are one of the peculiarities of Vulcan. Leaving the port on the right, behind a rock of incredible colors (shades ranging from yellow to red), a natural pool of sulphurous mud known for its therapeutic properties. Some tips for proper mud therapy:

Recommended for rheumatic, oily skin problems and acne and psoriasis. Mode: short Diving (never more than 20 minutes), during the cooler hours, followed by a hot shower. Do not apply to eyes. In case of contact wash with fresh water. For any ailments, you should consult your doctor.

The Valley of the Monsters - in Vulcanello. It is advisable to dawn or at sunset when the twilight makes it more suggestive and enigmatic forms evoked from the rocks. And 'the name given to a black sand slope as dotted here and there, volcanic rocks whose shapes suggest provocative profiles of prehistoric animals, monsters or exhibitions (among others recognize a bear standing on its hind legs and a crouching lion).

Capo Grillo - about 10 km with departures from Porto Levante. The road, leading to Vulcano Piano and beyond Capo Grillo, enjoying views of Lipari and the great crater. From the promontory, across the archipelago.