A scenic road with many panoramic views of the rugged coastline, it allows you to get to the various towns of the island. From Santa Maria Salina, the island's capital, you go up to the north, and go past Capo Faro heading towards Malfa, the crossroads of Salina, is located at the center of the island and is home of the largest producers of Malvasia and capers of this  island during the summer season give the tourists a chance to visit their cellars and taste the typical Aeolian products. Here you can not miss is the beach Scario, a picturesque pebble beach can only be reached through a stone path along a rocky ridge overlooking the sea, just BEAUTIFUL! During the high season it is open a kiosk on the beach. Continue along the coastal road overlooking Perciato, natural arch but visible from the sea or Pollara beach, just beyond, where there is the most beautiful beach on the island. Before going down you may want to peek through the vegetation to see the house where he shot the film "Il Postino": this is where the meetings between Neruda (Philippe Noiret) and the postman (Massimo Troisi).

The Pollara beach is an ancient crater now turned into a scenic amphitheater inside which there is this little hamlet. Located to the west from here you can admire one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. To get an overview of the scenario offered by the sunset, we should stop in town traffic light, halfway between Malfa and Pollara. Returning in Malfa, a bifurcation lets take a road that enters and leads to Valdichiesa, with the Sanctuary Madonna del Terzito, places of pilgrimage, and Rinella Leni.

Back in Santa Marina, another must for all visitors to the island is the little town of Lingua, that is about 3 km. Located along the east side of the island, it is the ideal place to take a bath in the morning. Walking through the village, between the houses typical Aeolian style, you will notice the Lingua’s lake, once used as salt. Enclosed by a strip of land formed over the years due to debris carried by ocean currents, the lake is ideal staging area for a few migratory birds in spring and autumn. Lingua is now also famous for granite and pane cunzato  proposed "Da Alfredo".  You can not start from Salina without having tried these two delicacies. Pleasant is a walk to reach Santa Marina, the country is divided in two by its main street; Via Risorgimento, lined with boutiques, shops and houses typical Aeolian-style architecture, is an essential stop shopping island.