"Il Castello di Lipari", it consists of a set of buildings constructed on top of a large rock of volcanic origin. And 'it situated about 50 meters above sea level, with sheer cliffs on the Tyrrhenian Sea, a factor which formed a natural defense against attacks from the sea.
The archaeologist Luigi Bernabo Brea, starting from the '50s, he led numerous excavations which revealed a layer of deposits, more than 10 meters thick, which allowed the reconstruction of the archaeological complex. It is due to the volcanic ash that covered them, and deposited by neighbors Stromboli and Vulcano, the excellent preservation of the materials.
Until the eighteenth century, the community of citizens of Lipari lived within the walls of the castle and although no trace remains of private homes, are still standing and well preserved churches. Among these, the impressive Cattedrale di San Bartolomeo is located right in the center of the hill and is surrounded by archaeological ruins. And you must see the ancient Norman cloister of unparalleled beauty.